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دکتر صدفی – فلوشیپ ایمپلنت

Medical records

Special Prosthodontics Board (fixed and removable)

Doctor Mehdi Sadafi graduated from Dentistry Faculty of Mashhad in 2007 and he was at the top of his class. Following graduation, he participated in Masters Exam and he was accepted in implant dentistry at the Dentistry Faculty of Mashhad.

After 4 years of PHD education, he could receive the citation of the best prosthodontics resident. In 2011 he participated in specialist board and he got excellent grade in that exam. Although he received a citation from the minister of health.

Afterwards, in 2015 he was accepted in the fellowship exam and after a year he could successfully get his fellowship degree in dental implants from University of Tehran.

Scientific and medical records of Doctor Sadafi

The following list presents some of his scientific records and activities since 2011:
  • Teaching in the prosthetics section of Tehran University of medical science and international campus to the dentistry students.
  • Teaching to the dental prosthesis technicians.
  • Receiving certifications of aesthetic and research methodology courses.
  • Being the lecturer of many national and regional congresses.
  • Holding courses of cosmetic, occlusion, fixed or removable dental prosthesis for dentists in Tehran or other towns.
دکتر صدفی – فلوشیپ ایمپلنت


Doctor Sadafi also renowned for different international certifications from reputable universities.
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